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Bailiwik creates place-based communities that connect online and off

Bailiwik is a free and open digital platform for connecting with the people you live near. Geographic spaces become human places by defining them on the map. To get started, look for a pre-existing "bailiwik" or make your own.

Whats happened to the neighborhood?

It can seem impossible to get to know your neighbors today. We live in a world of increasing distractions, where friends and family live farther away, where much of our social lives take place online.

We're missing the experience of feeling connected to the people around us–and we’re missing out.

Our solution: You!
(or maybe your friend)

Everyone knows someone who feels the impulse to reach out and connect people. Someone who hosts holiday parties, sends get-well cards, organizes coffee-meetups. We’re all better off because of these people, and Bailiwik is no exclusion.

Bailiwik leverages this energy to create and sustain neighborly communities. Our hosts define their community on the map, name it and then play a high-profile, connecting role as its host and curator.

With Bailiwik,
you can pick a place
and create a community
that connects online
and off
Getting started is easy

If you want to play a leading role in connecting the people around you, go ahead and create your own bailiwik.

If you’re interested in participating, but would rather leave the leadership to someone else, check if there’s a bailiwik near you.

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