Bailiwik Journal: Welcome to Bailiwik!

What's a Bailiwik?
Bailiwiks are communities that share a real-world place and a commitment to treating everyone who shares it in a friendly, inclusive way.
Why are they called Bailiwiks?
We chose the word Bailwik because we think it captures something about what we're trying to do. Our name is based on the somewhat old fashioned word "bailiwick," which means area of responsibility or expertise. We think of our Bailiwiks as our "areas of responsibility" Fundamentally, Bailiwik is about taking a little bit of responsibility for the people around you. We dropped the "c" from the word "bailiwick" to communicate the sense that we are creating it together as a community, like our heroes at Wikipedia. Also, it seemd cooled and more "internet."
What's the Point? [Why does Bailwik exist?]
That's a biggie. There are levels to the answer, but to go straight to the inner-most, bottom-most point: Bailwik is an expression of our belief that everyone should have an opportunity to experience unconditional membership in the human race, and the most simple natural way to do this is to create stronger sense of community. We think isolation and alienation -- and not being seen and accepted as you are, simply for being you -- underlies a lot of the other issues challenging society today. Bailwik is our attempt to address that in away that seems sensible and fun.
Why Places? Why not some other kind of community, like a shared interest?
Shared interests are great and many platforms exist for communities based on shared interests. They are not under-served or neglected on the web. Place, on the other hand, seems to us both under-served and under-acknowledged as a basis of community. We believe that we are all, in reality, members of communities made up of the people around us in the real world, but that this most basic, fundamental kind of community is often not seen as clearly as it could be or defined and supported as well as it might be to serve the well-being of its members. Bailwik is an an attempt to use tools of social media and web communities to clarify and support this most basic and unconditional kind of community. Of course, people can use Bailwik how they want, within reason, and if people want to create communities that combine a specific interest and a place that would be fine with us. We are creating this together.

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