Monday Motivation: Seeking an “accountabilabuddy”

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Gabrielle Corse

May 31

Lead Community Curator, Bailiwik

Skills:Community building, leadership, customer service, sales and marketing, branding, organizational development, public relations, public speaking, writing, editing, teaching,
Ask Me About:Community building
Daily Goals:Play 15 min of guitar, Read 25 pages, Spend 10 min planning/getting organized

Sometimes I put my passion projects on the back burner because I am too busy with other work. However, I realized that I don’t want to wake up one day and realize that I’ve lost so much time that it really is too late. I make a lot of goals and have some major ambitions, but I have a hard time following through or getting started at all.

Sometimes all we need is that extra push from a friend who keeps us “honest”. I have come to learn that that person is called an “accountabilabuddy” (how clever!) Does anyone feel this way too? If so let’s talk. I’d be happy to do my best to help you stick to your goals and listen to your current challenges if you’re wiling to do the same. Happy Monday!

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