Lunch Bites: Janga by Derrick’s Jamaican 

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February 12

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It’s nice to get out for lunch every so often and sit on a Caribbean inspired patio with bamboo cafe tables and plants. Right now, I’m at Janga by Derrick’s Jamaican over here on Culver Bl close to the intersection of Main Street.

I walked inside first because I wasn’t sure where you order and a friendly woman who was behind the bar greeted me and said she would come to the table, where she promptly came over and gave me some lunch recommendations. I’m going for the Janga spicy shrimp lunch. I happen to love shrimp – and spicy jumbo shrimp, sauteed fresh peppers on a bed of rice and beans with greens sounds really delicious. 

FYI, it’s 14 bucks and the lunch specials are $10 to 14 – there also salads $10 – 13 and Derek’s big turkey dog 6.50. Decent for a sit-down lunch with table service in the LA area.

The tropical iced tea was just served and it’s a tasty, brewed black iced tea with a hint of peach. Mine is unsweetened but you can also get it sweet for those with a sweet tooth,

My lunch is served and wow, it’s definitely love at first bite! There’s a spicy red sauce with a kick (but not overwhelming) and five giant shrimp with various peppers and kale. Although I’m not big on kale this stuff is good. It’s a great combo and fresh tasting; good for lunch, it’s also on the dinner menu. Back to the atmosphere, I like in Jamaican vibe with Bob Marley and other reggae musicians in the background, especially since construction is going on across the street. Jamaican and Caribbean type restaurants always have a great positive vibe – a real bonus!

I noticed they have a sign for a happy hour 4 to 7pm – looks like there’s some food and drink specials, so I’ll be sure to check this one out and report back to you! Let me know if you want to head here for happy hour!

Janga by Derrick’s Jamaican 
3815 Main Street Culver City 424 – 603 – 4843

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