Looking back at Laurel Holloman expo in France!

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We had the pleasure to be working with a fantastic actress and artist Laurel Holloman, on her Parisian expo this past July!
check out the album, and here is the post press release in case you are an art lover!
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Laurel Holloman debuted a series of new work in “Memory and Movement” on American Independence Day in the heart of Paris. The opening night was a success, with a crowd of international guests who got the first glimpse of Holloman’s latest pieces, including Babel East and West, La Danse Bleue, Innerbloom, The Rose and the Serpent, Sundream, Déflorée, Life Aquatic, Nightbloom, and Illusive Thoughts. When: The exhibition is open to the public through Sunday, July 14, 2019, at the Galerie Joseph in Paris. Gallery hours 11 a.m. To 7 p.m. Where: Galerie Joseph, 7 Rue Froissart 75003, Paris What: “Memory and Movement” exhibition present stunning new works from Laurel Holloman as well as several paintings from her series Color Forest, which premiered during the 2018 Milan Design Week. For this exhibition, the theme of movement is beautifully expressed with swirling shapes flowing across each canvas and energetic brushstrokes whipping across rich shards of color. Certain images are deliberately blurred so the viewer must sit with each piece a little longer to perceive its meaning. Many of the larger pieces are paintings within paintings where Holloman has left the first layer peeking through the next by either blurring the final layer or scraping back to the first layer underneath it all. Holloman purposely juxtaposes the technical memory of the paint with her own conscious and unconscious memory. Co-produced by Little Monkey Productions (USA) and Claudine Gil Galerie (France), “Memory and Movement” is Holloman’s second solo exhibition at Galerie Joseph and third in Paris. Her first show at the gallery was in 2014 with “The Fifth Element”, a series that explored the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. These forces still unite her recent works, which burst in hues ranging from fiery red and deep watery turquoise to lush greens and earthy tones. Whether blurred or sharp in focus, there is a constant theme of nature in Holloman’s palette. Her paintings take the viewer elsewhere to another world of extreme color, spirituality, and meditation. About the artist, Laurel Holloman: Based in Los Angeles, Laurel Holloman is known for her vibrant use of color and larger-than-life paintings capable of capturing tumultuous emotions with a vivid movement that create a three-dimensional illusion. “I feel my paintings have a secret language born out of science and my obsessiveness with why and how we are here. I paint through abstraction with subtle hints of elemental imagery; the sky, water, fire, earth, a bird flying, cells reproducing, or a celestial bed of stars. ,” she reveals. 📸 Barbara Lopes Lameiras

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