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One night only in LA!

Who: Armenian musician and jazz pianist Andre Manoukian

When: Wednesday, February 20, 2019 – 8:00 PM

Where: GLOBE THEATRE DTLA 740 South Broadway, Los Angeles, California 90014 |

How: presented by Philippe Guillaud from Les Conseillers du Commerce Exterieur de la France and Cynthia Hajjar from l’Union des Francais de l’Etranger with the support of the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles and the Consulate General of Armenia in Los Angeles One Night Only in LA.
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About Andre Manoukian:

André is a passionate musician and jazz pianist. After attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston, he returns to France and comes to be iconic in his field. Accomplished film score composer and musical guru, he becomes famous as a member of the jury in the national hit TV-show, “La nouvelle star” (French version of American Idol). With his intricate understanding and depiction of music, musical theory and history, he contributes and appears in many national TV and Radio shows.

Self-proclaimed cosmic philosopher and forever fascinated with voices, he dedicated part of his career to working with singers. He has since returned to his Armenian musical roots, his piano, and to jazz, merging the musical worlds of the East and the West.

As a fervent improvisator, he claims Johann Sebastian Bach is the author of the very first musical algorithms with the Art of Fugue, to which he traces back the roots of Artificial Intelligence.

Always on the go, he devotes his time to Muzeek, a creative AI music start-up, to AI conferences and piano concerts.


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Special Guest: Jivan Gasparyan Jr.

The duduk is an ancient double-reed woodwind instrument made of apricot wood. UNESCO proclaimed the Armenian duduk and its music as a Masterpiece of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2005 and inscribed it in 2008. Jivan Gasparyan is recognized as the most accomplished and influential musician in the history of the duduk. His music has been featured in Hollywood’s some of the biggest movies of recent years such as Oscar-winning “Gladiator”, “Ronin”, “Syriana”, “Blood Diamond” and others. Among Jivan Gasparyan’s students is someone who seems destined to become his successor: his grandson, Jivan Gasparyan Jr.

He performed together with Jivan SR as the opening performance of the concert for Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday celebration, which took place in Hyde Park, London, on June 27, 2008. Celebrities such as Bryan May, Peter Gabriel, Amy Winehouse, Quincy Jones, Will Smith, Annie Lennox, and many other more were in attendance at the event.

“Big Apple Music Awards” cultural foundation recognized Jivan Gasparyan, Jr. as the best duduk player in New York and the prize was for continuing the art and tradition of Jivan Gasparyan SR and the Armenian tradition. In 2010 the jury of the Duduk Competition on the name of Jivan Gasparyan recognized Jivan Gasparyan Junior as the first prize winner.

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